Update: My thanks to all who helped today. In the morning I shall be donating $98.

Japan Earthquake

Like so many people, I’ve been horrified by the footage and the sheer scale of the devastation in Japan over these past few days, caused by the massive earthquake and tsunami. I always feel so powerless and small in the aftermath of such events, so I thought this week I would do something similar like I did for Haiti: I will donate fifty cents for every comment I get from the time this is posted until 9pm, Wednesday 16th March.

To get the ball rolling, I thought I would donate fifty cents for every attendee who is coming to the Aussie Bloggers Conference on Saturday. That is $91.50 right there. Because money is tight right now I’m afraid I’ll have to cap it at $200 – but please help me get that far. Comment  away! Spread the word!

I will be donating through the Australian Red Cross Japan fundraiser page.

Photo Credit: The Guardian

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