Planning on being a guest on The Daily Show in the future? Here’s ten things you need to know.

The New York Observer discusses an upcoming June issue of The New Yorker which is set to reveal the most talented 20 writers under 40 years of age. No doubt the list will generate much discussion upon release, as all lists of this nature do. 

Kevin Costner may hold the key in the clean up of the oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Hard not to read with a title like that. Must keep my eye out to see what happened.

Yay!Everyday certainly lives up to its name.

19th-Century pregnancy dolls from Japan.

I haven’t had a chance to say yet that I went to the Melbourne Mum Blogger’s meetup last Friday morning. Here’s a write-up about it by Nicole (Planning Queen) (I’m bang in the middle of the larger photo. You can’t miss me and my ghost-white skin). It was a great morning. I had to leave early to come check in with all three members of the family who were home sick, poor dears. Then I up and left them for the Emerging Writers’ Festival, which I will also write-up later, I’m working on it.

Speaking of the Festival, though, here’s Thuy Linh Nguyen’s account of last Monday night’s 15 Minutes of Fame session where I talked about Miscellaneous Voices. I’ve got more Miscellaneous Voices news, but that can wait for another day… 😉

Happy First Day of Winter!

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