I’m reeling a little (in a good way) from last night. I didn’t sleep much, and right this second Riley is pulling on my arm wanting me to play PS3 with him. But! I first want to share some photos. These aren’t mine, I hasten to add, rather those taken by Planning Queen who’s letting me post them here. Thank you Nicole!

It was a great thrill to see everyone who came last night, and it was nice to meet those contributors I hadn’t met before. It’s fantastic to be able to put faces to names. I really appreciate everyone’s support. And again, to Laurie, thank you for being such a great host.

I’ll keep this short today, so without further adieu …



Where the launch was at – Readings Bookstore.



Miscellaneous Voices on display – nearly all sold by the end of the night!


Honoured Guests

Guests mingling after the launch – I spy a few contributors in the crowd …


family snap

Yes, the kids came. Many kids came, in fact. I was pleased! I’m all for making events as family friendly as possible.



Balloons leftover from Surprise!‘s day became most useful!

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