Maggie Van Ostrand from the HuffPo talks about Seabiscuit getting his very own US postage stamp (Phar Lap got the same years ago in Australia). Interesting.

Rachel advocates against how midwifery in Australia is being driven underground and what we can do about it.

A really nice tip from Laurel (as usual) about how you can filter your friends on Facebook, if needs be, after you’ve already friended them.

Gala’s 100 Things To Do When You’re Sad list.

Rebecca’s beautiful tribute to her husband as a doting and wonderful father to their children.

Nathan Bransford’s advice on writing conflict in novels.

Mrs Flinger uses memories about her grandmother to help come to terms with stress.

My friend Tracey (from Sweetney) has a new project/business ‘Sweet Blog‘ for all your blog design needs.

Lastly, this tweet:

Twitter Tweet

That’s what’s called Having a Bad Day. Usually I am all sunshine and roses. Just ask my husband.

Wait, maybe not…

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